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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 15 May 2012

Nowadays, viruses are becoming more and more advanced and it's becoming harder and harder to remove them completely. Some of these viruses can put all your personal and private data stored on the hard disk in danger. Your personal information can also be compromised by hard disk problems and failures. That's because the hard disk is the least reliable hardware device and it can cause certain problems when you least expect it. This is why it's important to have a copy of all your personal data and to back it up periodically, so that in case disaster strikes, you will always have a copy of your personal information safely stored. Windows doesn't include a reliable tool for backing up data, so one should use a 3rd party program for this purpose.

One of the programs which can help you in this case is Backup4all Professional. This simple Windows application allows you to perform regular backups of all your data to various storage devices and even the Internet. The application does not pose any problems when installing it, as the process is clear enough. After installing and running the application, the user will be presented with a welcome screen, where he can select the type of action that he would like to perform. As such, he can either initiate a new backup job or he can select an existing one.

After completing this step, one will be first asked to give a name to the job and to select the location where the backup should be stored. This can be either a hard disk partition, network share or FTP account. After selecting the desired location for the backup, the user should add his personal folders and files to the program. Backup4all Professional allows adding an unlimited number of files and folders to its interface.

Optionally, the backed up files and folders can be encrypted with a password, so that only you will have access to them. The final step of the backup wizard involves selecting when the backup job should run, either manually or at a specific hour or day. Having the backup job run daily will make sure that all your files will always be safe. Restoring the files from a backup can be done in the same easy manner as creating it.


It allows performing various backup jobs using a simple and intuitive interface. Besides that, backup files can be encrypted with a password. Furthermore, backups can be scheduled to perform at certain hours or days.


There is no way to access the encrypted backups in case the user forgets the password. Backup4all Professional allows you to perform various types of file backups using a very simple interface and a step by step wizard, making sure that your data will be always safe.

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